Round Leather Cord 1.5 mm Diameter Natural Red Brown By the Yard

Round Leather Cord
1.5 mm Natural Red Brown
By the Yard

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Round Leather Cord

Color: Natural Red Brown
Diameter: 1.5mm
Length: 1 Yard
Made in India

Please note that you are buying by the yard, so select the number of yards you want to order from the Quantity menu. We will make every effort to send you an unspliced length. However, that is not always possible, particularly with longer lengths. We do guarantee though that no length of cord in a multi-yard order will be shorter than 2 yards. If you need an unspliced segment longer than that, please contact us before placing your order.

This cord was dipped into dye and then heat sealed. This process, in which the dye is absorbed by the leather, rather than simply coating it, makes the leather softer and more flexible than regular cord and allows the natural color of the cord to come through. The result is a flat (not shiny) look; the color is not uniform but rather somewhat variegated.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The color of the cord you receive may be slightly lighter or darker than the cord pictured due to variation in dye lots.

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