Greek Leather Cord  1.5 mm Natural By the Yard

Greek Leather Cord
1.5 mm Natural
By the Yard

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Greek Leather Cord

Style: Dyed Leather Cord
Color: Natural
Diameter: 1.5 mm
Length: 1 Yard

Please note that you are buying by the yard, so select the number of yards you want to order from the Quantity menu. We will make every effort to send you an unspliced length. However, that is not always possible, particularly with longer lengths. We do guarantee though that no length of cord in a multi-yard order will be shorter than 2 yards. If you need an unspliced section longer than that, please contact us before placing your order.

Greek leather cord is cut only from cowhide, then dyed and extruded multiple times with heat and pressure to ensure uniformity, color fastness, and permanent flexibility.

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